Management Support

Custom Management Support for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Offices


As the leader of a commercial real estate brokerage office, you recruit, train, and lead agents while strategically managing the inventory, marketing, expenses, and deployment. You can accomplish all of this more efficiently and effectively with CSD’s Custom Management Support program, a set of over 40 coaching modules and 23 tools, including all of the planning templates, workshop agendas, check-lists, and pre-written marketing pieces you will need to build a thriving office.

You can customize our commercial real estate brokerage management support system to suit your needs. If you are building a new office from scratch and need both training and systems, we can provide everything you need. If you have a specific skill that you want to address, we can break the program down to meet your exact needs. If you just want to use some resources but do not need skills training or coaching, we can provide them as well. This is why our program is Custom Management Support.

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