The Secret to Learning Commercial Real Estate Skills

Odds are that you’ve been through a number of different commercial real estate courses and training and development programs. If your experiences were like mine, some of them were bad, some were mediocre and some were good. You probably walked out of them with lots of good ideas but, to be honest, didn’t implement very many of them.

We can take a lesson from our colleagues in the medical profession. They’ve figured out how to make the things they learn stick. What’s their secret? For medical students, learning requires three steps:

  1. See it.
  2. Do it.
  3. Teach it.

So how do we apply these principles in commercial real estate training situations? Well, you know how to “see it”–go to a class, watch a video, or read a book. The secret is to immediately find a way to take those skills you acquire and use them. While using them with clients is best, you can also get “do it” experience by roleplaying.

The last step of development is what commercial real estate agents frequently skip doing — teaching it. Once you’ve used the skill, grab a colleague and teach it to them. Since you need to know it to be able to teach it, you’ll have to really learn it. At the same time, it will give you a push to keep using it since you won’t want to look like a hypocrite.

See it. Do it. Teach it. Following those three rules will help you improve your commercial real estate skills and make more money.

How do you take what you learn and turn it into action? Let us know in the comments section below. If you don’t see it, just click the little comment box on the right side of the bar below this (it looks like when someone speaks in a comic book).


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