RETool Overview

Why use RETOOL:

CRE brokerage success is a challenge because it depends on uncertain factors, such as market conditions, interpersonal presence, sales skills, and a respected reputation.

RETOOL is a comprehensive business planning and analysis program that enables agents to control all these factors and make necessary course corrections.

RETOOL Features:

  1. Business Planning:
    • A system for setting and tracking activity goals.
    • A process for identifying changing market conditions and making necessary adjustments to one's activity levels or submarket focus.
  2. Skills assessments:
    • Extensive processes for identifying "Bottlenecks", those skills-deficiencies that are having the greatest impact on ones performance. This allows agents to direct their learning efforts towards those skills that can have the fastest and greatest impact on their success.
  3. Marketing Tools:
    • A process for creating a personal brand image that matches each agent's strategic and target client-base.
  4. Accountability:
    • Tools that allow managers and mentors to track progress and provide coaching.

How to Use RETool™:

Users begin the program by describing their current activity and sales conversion rates as well as their goals. They are then led through various analyses of their business techniques, sales skills, and marketing plan. RETool™ then generates a business plan and skills assessment that agents can use to manage their activity and learning efforts.